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1st - Install Wallets in Your Browser

If you do not have a wallet installed, go to the official websites and download the application for the wallets to be installed to your browser. Then create your account by depositing funds. Click on the images above to be directed to the official websites.

2nd - Access the website 

3rd - Go to the pre-sale page and connect your wallet.

4th - Finish your purchase, by putting the amount of MTZ you want to buy.

5th - If you don't see the token in your wallet, go to the "import token" option and paste the MTZ token contract address.

CONTRACT: 0x1dDE6C3Bc6e7078842652DF8CA09FcFDF92Ae8fC

Warning: Scammers can create fake tokens, so always check that the contract address is the same with the one on the official Marathonz website.

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