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Welcome to Marathonz

An island is the best way to improve your athletes. There are 4 different rarity levels: common, rare, mythical and legendary. Each of the 5.000 islands offers a unique benefit. Choose yours today!

Common Island

A Common Island is a great place to keep your athletes in shape! See the benefits below:

⚠️Recover: Common Nfts

LOGO mtz.png

300 MTZ

Rare Island

Rare Island.png

Intense training is important in this marathon, and a good view of the sea will help to put your team's minds at ease!

⚠️Recover: Common and Rare Nfts

LOGO mtz.png

700 MTZ

Mythical Island

ilha espaço.png

How about mixing training and genetics modifications? We create mega-athletes here!

⚠️Recover: Common, Rare, Epic and Mythical Nfts.

mythico info.png
LOGO mtz.png

1500 MTZ


Legendary Island

Everything a champion would ever need! Modern training systems, professional staffs, and a little luxury is guaranteed!

⚠️Recover: Common, Rare, Epic, Mythical and Legendary Nfts.

legendario info.png
LOGO mtz.png

2500 MTZ

Why rent an Island?

This serves as a great option for passive income. Owners of islands will be able to rent their islands to other users in the community within our marketplace. The lease price of the islands is decided by the owners themselves, within the parameters of the platform.

Islands are limited assets, with only a few units to be minted, which makes it even more valuable. The islands can be traded between users through the marketplace. 

A rental payment fee will be charged and can be verified in the whitepaper in the platform fees tab.

These islands are extremely special to the in-game economy as they also have an appreciation incentive for the first 2 years. One year after the launch of the NFT islands, their value will be increased by 100% and in the second year by 100%, so they cannot be sold on the island market for a value lower than the minimum price stipulated.

LOGO mtz.png
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