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MTZ is a utility token  created for use by the MarathonZ game and the entire technological platform behind this project. But why is MTZ so precious? 

To have this answer, we need to understand more about one of the most important elements in the world, which is gold, this element even inspired Satoshi Nakamoto to create Bitcoin.

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The power of scarcity

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The first reason gold is such a valuable element is its scarcity, which means that it is a rare metal, difficult to extract, which makes it even more desirable.

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MTZ Gold
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The second reason, since long ago gold has been a desired commodity, people all over the world want gold for creating jewelry, special items and even food. Gold has been the reason for many wars, fought over by kings and queens. Gold is still seen as a great investment because of its continued evolution in price. This is because the demand for gold is usually greater than the production, which generates a constant appreciation due to its scarcity.

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MTZ token has the same fundamentals as gold, scarcity and usability. This is possible due to the limited amount of tokens and the inability to create new coins with the security of the blockchain.

Bitcoin is known as digital gold, it brought a great revolution through the blockchain, that an asset can be transferred in an instant, secure, auditable, and non-aduterated way.

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Why MTZ could become more valuable?

Total Supply Limited of a maximum with 300 million.

Marathonz`s developers tokens are locked for 2 years.

Reserve blocked 39.5% of tokens for one year and then 5% linearly.

MTZ is more than a game token, several other utilities are being created.

Based on blockchain technology.

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