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MarathonZ NFT 'Play to Earn' arrives in launch week

NFT game achieved recognition after sponsoring Filipe Toledo, current number 1 in world surfing.

MarathonZ began to be announced in January 2022, but it was in February that the game NFT Play to Earn took its biggest shot towards success, the partnership signed with surfer Filipe Toledo, who has already made several calls to the investing community in cryptocurrencies, gave more consistency to the then 'newborn' project, which began to see its social networks become robust, especially on Telegram.

Just over 6 months after the project started, in which there were 3 pre-sales of MTZ tokens, the MarathonZ team, which is public, will launch the game listing on PancakeSwap, scheduled to take place on September 28.

In the last token sale the value for each MTZ was 0.90USD. At the moment, for those who have not purchased the MarathonZ cryptocurrency, all that remains is to wait for the launch on the 28th of this month, where you can purchase the tokens, but at the market price.

Hugo Luigi, CEO of the NFT game, made a relevant statement

Play to Earn CEO Hugo Luigi publicly reinforced that MarathonZ’s tokenomics provided for maximum pre-sale trading of 2% of the MTZ token offering, but informed the community that less than this percentage was sold, which could decrease a selling force at launch, as there aren't many tokens 'flying' in the market.

The added liquidity will be for MTZ to start trading at $1 per token, as investors have been informed. For about 2 months now, anyone who wants to know the game has been able to play the demo version directly on the site.

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