Youtubers confirm presence in MarathonZ NFT knockout duels

Marathon NFT has entered the launch phase; game 'Play to Earn' has surfer Filipe Toledo as ambassador.

MarathonZ has taken another important step towards launch. The NFT game works in 'Play to Earn' mode. The project was launched in January and is in the final stages of development, having its gameplay fully produced and available in the demo version (only for computers).

8 youtubers, who publicized the game, were invited to a dispute where they can get good prizes such as the NFT islands, the most expensive item in the game. The team believes in the delivery of the game by the end of this month of August, but warned that, at the moment, the MTZ (game token) can no longer be purchased before the listing. In a previous article, here at Radar Esportes, we reported on the appreciation that the token reached during the pre-sale.

Youtubers confirm presence in MarathonZ duel

The youtubers confirmed that they will be present in the competition for the award. All of them, in some way, helped in the marketing campaigns for the presentation and sale of MTZ tokens, the game's cryptocurrency.

NFT ONE (Brazil)

LEO CRYPTO (Argentina)

SAKATA (Brazil)




THOMPAI (Brazil)


How and when will the dispute between influencers be

The tryouts took place on Friday, August 19th and the finals on Saturday, August 20th, 2022. For more information about the times, visit the official website.

Filipe Toledo is MarathonZ ambassador

One of the factors that most helped NFT stand out in token pre-sales was certainly the partnership with surfer Filipe Toledo. Current 01 in the world ranking, Filipinho took the game's logo on his board to all the countries where he competed.

The surfer, who has more than 1 million followers on Instagram, put MarathonZ in the spotlight in the international press, attracting investors in Asia, Europe and Oceania, where he competed in competitions in the last six months.

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